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Feeling welcomed and feeling comfortable - enjoy!

Here's hoping everyone is keeping happy and well... and taking advantage of an increased social life amongst other gay / bi women... on Wednesday evenings at Woodland Creatures (between Pilrig Street and the bottom of Leith Walk) in Edinburgh.
A brief on the background (some) of why the new-ish social evening was set up... because there used to be one, at the same venue, that lasted years.  However, when the venue closed down, it was for about 1.5 years (?) and many people were sad and frequently commented on the fact there wasn't a suitable gay bar/cafe to go to any longer... where the atmosphere suited most, and the music, the food, feeling comfortable and being able to hear each other talk. 
Eventually a new women's evening was organised on a monthly basis, at a different venue, and finally a weekly one was set up, back at the old venue and proved to be popular.
It's advertised in the ScotsGay magazine, the LGBT newsletter/website, Equality Scotland and Lesbian Scotland (Edinburgh)so hopefully more new faces will stream along and social lives will continue to increase/improve.
Everyone and anyone can go along as often or little as they wish, there's no fee and no  leader... everyone's a free person who just fancies a relaxing evening of socialising with like-minded females, of various characters, and hopefully having a laugh.
If anyone fancies organising something, like going to a movie, an exhibition, the beach, a party, ANYTHING just about, then the Wednesday social evening is ideal for arranging something.  You can request your idea be advertised on the RUBYFRUITS EDINBURGH website so all the website members get a chance to participate if they wish.  It might be as simple as you fancying a coffee somewhere on a Sunday afternoon but would like company... and some others fancy that idea too!
Feel free to send a link of the website, and/or this email address, to anyone you know may be interested and perhaps come along, whether or not they live in Edinburgh, Scotland, the UK or anywhere else in the world.  Somewhere for her/them to go when in Edinburgh on holiday... perhaps?
Finally, and very importantly, it can be daunting for anyone turning up on Wednesday evening who hasn't been before and doesn't know anyone else.  If you spot a female stranger (or 2 or more!), feel free (anyone) to go up to them and invite them to join you.

It's good to feel welcomed.

We're all equal and no-one's "in charge" so it's not designed to be a meeting and no-one HAS to go every week... it's merely somewhere and something, at last, for each and any of us to have the opportunity to go along to and meet old and new friends and feeling relaxed... instead of staying in or going to a straight pub, or a loud gay pub, or having limited company or being on your own or... well, you probably get the point.
DO MAKE THE MOST OF THIS OPPORTUNITY in order to keep it going and a pleasure for everyone on the night (and any other time).
[Help make it happen!]